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A label describes a label as defined by a <label> element in a linkbase reference document.
Each of the properties is described below.


An enumeration of type Label.RoleEnum describing the role of this label. The value can be any one of the following enumeration items:
  • Standard
  • Short
  • Verbose
  • StandardPositiveValue
  • ShortPositiveValue
  • VerbosePositiveValue
  • StandardNegativeValue
  • ShortNegativeValue
  • VerboseNegativeValue
  • StandardZeroValue
  • ShortZeroValue
  • VerboseZeroValue
  • Total
  • PeriodStart
  • PeriodEnd
  • Documentation,
  • DefinitionGuidance
  • DisclosureGuidance
  • PresentationGuidance
  • MeasurementGuidance
  • CommentaryGuidance
  • ExampleGuidance


A string describing the ID of the label.


A string describing the text of the label.


An object of type System.Globalization.CultureInfo describing the culture information for the label. Generally, this culture information describes the target language for the given label.

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