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Summation Concepts

A summation concept is a value defined in a calculation link as the sum of one or more contributing concepts. The values of summation concepts and contributing concepts are found in XBRL fragment facts.
Each of the properties is described below.


A reference to a Gepsio Locator object describing the locator information for the summation concept.
See the section on page 32 called “Locators” for more information on Gepsio Locator objects.


A list of Locator objects. There is one Locator object in the list for every concept that contributes its value to the summation concept.
The list is implemented as an object of the standard .NET System.Collections.Generic.List class, and you can apply all of the operations available to objects of the System.Collections.Generic.List class to this list.
See the section on page 33 called “Locator” for more information on Gepsio Locator objects.

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